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Comforter Cleaning

With our professional and efficient comforter cleaning services, Park Plaza Cleaners can help you maintain your duvet looking like new for many years. With our laundry services we have the perfect commercial-sized washing machines in order to give you back a clean and unharmed comforter.

Park Plaza Cleaners in Broken Arrow, OK, are also a same day dry cleaners and we can guarantee your comforters will be ready the same day you dropped them off. Just as we take care of your clothes, we’ll not use any harsh chemicals when cleaning your comforters. When we clean your comforters, we’ll use cold water in order to prevent shrinkage. Our commercial-sized washing machines have the perfect spin mode that can take as much moisture out as possible. Instead of using harsh chemicals our soaps are gentle and don’t have additives.

Our prices are competitive and we can always provide you a free estimate depending on the size of your comforters. Visit Park Plaza Cleaners in Broken Arrow, OK, for a professional, meticulous and efficient comforter cleaning service.